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Protect the things you love against loss and damage with contents insurance

Up to £100,000 contents insurance cover for over 50s at a 3-year fixed price*

*As long as nothing changes, T&Cs apply.

It’s the things you gather round you that make your house a home, and when you’ve collected valuable items that make life more enjoyable, you don’t want to risk losing them to accident, damage or theft. Saga’s award-winning contents insurance available with a 3-year fixed price lets you enjoy the things you love without fear of loss.

What is contents insurance?

Home contents insurance covers the costs of replacing items in your home that have been destroyed, damaged or stolen. The contents of your home are the things you would take with you when you move, and so this means all your belongings except the building's they are in and the fixtures and fittings (except fixtures, fittings and decorations belonging to you as a tenant).

You can buy house contents insurance as a standalone product, or you can combine it with buildings insurance in a combined home insurance policy.

What does contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance is designed to replace all the contents in your property, including household goods, electrical items and valuables. It covers your possessions against:

  • Theft – if your mobile phone, laptop, flat screen TV or jewellery are stolen when your home is burgled, you can replace them.
  • Fire – if your furnishings are damaged or destroyed in a fire, you are covered for new ones.
  • Accidental damage – you can get cover for if you break your TV, drop and smash your tablet or sit on your glasses (included with Saga Plus, optional with Saga Select).

You also have the option to add cover for accidental damage or loss of personal items when you take those items out with you, like if you lose your mobile phone when out walking. Your contents insurance can also include personal liability and emergency home cover to fix any urgent issues that come up, for example with plumbing or internal electrics.

Check your Policy Book for a full list of what is and isn't included in your contents insurance policy.

What does Saga contents insurance include?

With our 5-Star rated Saga Plus contents cover you get:

No cancellation fee

If you cancel during the year we won't charge you a cancellation fee.

No need to specify single items valued under £2,500

Such as jewellery and paintings kept at home.

Personal liability cover

Up to £2 million anywhere in the world.

Up to sum insured for lock replacement

For lost or stolen keys (or up £1,000 with Saga Select).

Claims promise

No claims made will affect your fixed price, other than those for accidental damage and personal belongings.

A 3-year fixed price

With Saga Plus, as long as nothing changes, your price won’t go up for three years. T&Cs apply.

£10,000 personal belongings cover

Unspecified items up to £2,500 when you take them out and about with you anywhere in the world (optional with Saga Select).

Choice of £75,000 or £100,000 contents cover

If you need more take a look at Saga TailorMade Home Insurance.

Don’t need that much cover?

We also offer Saga Select. While it doesn’t come with our 3-year fixed price or other extra features you get with Saga Plus, it’s still 5-star Defaqto rated. And you can also add optional extras.

What’s the best contents insurance for you?

Not sure which one to choose?

Use the table below to compare the two policies and find the best contents insurance for you.

Cover and benefit Saga Select Saga Plus
3-year fixed price
As long as there are no changes you can expect to pay the same price for 3 years (T&Cs apply)
Up to £100,000 cover for your contents
Accidental damage
Covers sudden and unexpected damage to the contents in your home that you own, including TV, spectacles, hearing aids, rugs, curtains, carpets, and more.


Personal belongings
Cover your possessions, such as your mobile phone or tablet, anywhere in the world (single item limit £2,500).

up to £10,000

No need to specify single items worth less than £2,500
Such as jewellery and paintings kept at home.
Garden cover
Cover for loss of or damage to your plants, lawns, shrubs and garden contents within the property.

Up to £1,000

Up to £5,000

Replacement of matching pairs or sets of items
For example, if a friend spills red wine on your sofa, and it can’t be cleaned or replaced to match the chairs, we will replace the whole suite.
New for old contents cover
Including clothing and linen
Damage caused by pets
Including scratching, tearing, chewing or fouling.
Lock replacements

If your keys are lost or stolen

Up to £1,000

Student cover

Covers loss of or damage to contents while in temporary student accommodation, such as halls of residence.


Up to £10,000

Trauma cover

If you make a claim (that's accepted) on this policy following a violent crime at your home we'll pay up to £1,000 for professional counselling fees.

Personal liability up to £2 million

For example, while playing golf you accidentally hit someone with the ball and they wish to claim against your personal liability for their injuries.


If you need higher cover limits (more than £100,000 for your contents or £1 million for your buildings insurance), have a look at Saga TailorMade Home Insurance.

Who are Saga's home insurance policies underwritten by?

Saga Home Insurance policies, exclusively for people over 50, are unique products designed specifically for our customers. They are underwritten by a number of carefully selected insurers that provide our high standards of quality and service.

Get a quote for contents insurance today

What does contents insurance not cover?

Contents only insurance doesn’t cover everything, and it’s worth checking your policy details to make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered. Your policy won’t cover:

  • Your possessions against general wear and tear or gradual deterioration
  • Any contents that do not belong to you or one of your visitors or are not your responsibility
  • Any loss or damage caused deliberately by you or anyone acting on your behalf
  • Any harm done to your computer or smart devices, as well as the data stored on it or in the cloud, caused by hacking or viruses.

Who needs contents insurance?

You don’t need to take out contents insurance, but if you had to pay to replace your home and personal possessions it could be very costly.

Contents insurance protects you against the costs of having to replace all your items, and it can be tailored to how much you want to protect so that you have the right level of cover for your home.

If you don’t own the building you live in, you should still take out contents insurance for your possessions. Although your landlord, or the freeholder if you're a leaseholder, is responsible for buildings insurance, you will still need to have the things you own protected, and, if renting, that might include some things in the property belonging to your landlord.

How much contents insurance do you need?

To work out how much contents insurance you need, take some time to consider room by room which items you have that are worth insuring.

  • Estimate a replacement price and make a list of each item.
  • Research the price you would need to pay if you had to buy the items new. Saga policies work on a new for old basis, so you will be covered for a new item like the one you insure.
  • If there are individual items worth over £2,500 kept at home, these should be added as named items.
  • If you purchase new and valuable items after you’ve taken out your policy, you'll need to add these items to your cover.

With a complete up-to-date inventory to hand, you can feel comfortable that all your belongings are protected with the right amount of contents insurance.

Contents insurance FAQs

Does contents insurance cover accidental damage?

A standard contents insurance policy will protect your contents if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen from the property. Accidental damage can be added to your cover so that if an item is damaged or destroyed by an accident at home it can be repaired or replaced.

So if you drop your tablet and break the screen or a friend spills red wine on your carpet and sofa, you can be covered – you just need to make sure you check the details carefully when you choose a policy.

With Saga Plus policies, accidental damage is included as standard up to the contents sum insured, and it can be added as an option to Saga Select policies.

Does contents insurance cover fixtures and fittings?

Contents insurance doesn’t include things that are part of the building, such as a fitted kitchen or bathroom (except any fixtures, fittings and decorations belonging to you as a tenant) - these are included in buildings insurance. But freestanding furniture, carpets and personal belongings do need to be covered by contents insurance.

You can cover both the contents of your home and the fabric of the building with combined building and contents insurance, or you can take out a separate policy for each one.

How much is contents insurance?

The cost of contents insurance is dependent on the amount of cover you require and can be tailored to the number and nature of contents you want to insure. Dependent on the policy you choose, you will be able to add optional cover for particular items of value, or to add on accidental damage for example.

To get started, get a contents insurance quote online.

What is new for old contents insurance?

With our new for old contents insurance, you have peace of mind that if an item is damaged beyond repair, we will replace it, regardless of age. For example, if your TV is knocked over and breaks, we will replace it with a brand new one even if your original TV was 10 years old.