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Protect your property and possessions with home insurance for over 60s

Over 60s home insurance you can rely on, with a 3-year fixed price* offer from Saga

*If nothing changes, T&Cs apply.

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you’ve probably invested love, time and money into getting things just how you want them, and with Saga Home Insurance that’s just how we want to help you keep it.

The price of over 60s home insurance explained

Is home insurance for over 60s cheaper than for other age groups? It can be depending on a number of different factors.

The location of your home, its size and security, and your personal claims history, will all affect the cost of your insurance, as will the nature of its contents and how much cover you need. There are also some general factors that might influence the cost of your over 60s home insurance.

  • With years of home ownership experience, you know what it takes to keep a house in good condition, which means you’ll be less likely to need to make a claim when it comes to leaks or other damage.
  • You might be more security conscious than you used to be, joining a local security scheme such as Neighbourhood Watch and being more conscientious when locking doors and windows.
  • You now qualify for policies from specialist providers like ourselves. Making it easier to get the cover you need.

All these factors combine to influence the premium that you’re asked to pay, potentially reducing the cost of over 60s home insurance.

It's also worth bearing in mind that the bulk of the money you are charged for your home insurance pays for policyholders' claims. And when claims costs go up, the price of insurance goes up too.

Price isn't the only factor that you should consider when looking at the cover you need to protect your home and its contents. But if you are after cheap house insurance for over 60s, be sure to check the policy details carefully and choose a policy that will give you not just the cheapest, but the best home insurance for over 60s for your specific needs.

Types of home insurance for over 60s

Home or house insurance for over 60s is made up of two types of insurance:

  • Buildings insurance – provides cover so you can repair or rebuild your home’s structure, including things like the roof, walls, and permanent fixtures and fittings.
  • Contents insurance – allows you to repair or replace your personal possessions in the case of theft, loss or damage.

You can get separate cover in different policies, or you can get combined cover in one policy.

There are also several extras you can add to your cover, including personal belongings cover away from home of up to £10,000 per incident, Saga Home Emergency with unlimited callout, and Legal Expenses that includes an Online Safety Support Service.

Saga offers two levels of over 60s home insurance, both with the same great level of service.

  • With our top cover level, Saga Plus, you can get a 3-year fixed price which means your price won't go up for three years if nothing changes, even after most types of claim (T&Cs apply).
  • Saga Select is our lower-level cover. It’s still Defaqto 5-Star rated and comes with a whole range of optional extras so you can tailor your cover.

And if you need higher cover limits (more than £100,000 for your contents or £1 million for your buildings insurance), have a look at Saga TailorMade Home Insurance.

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Defaqto 5 star rated home insurance 2014-2024

Defaqto 5 Star rated home insurance

We are proud to offer five-star treatment every day with Saga Home Insurance – Defaqto 5 Star rated every year since 2014.

What does home insurance for over 60s cover?

Saga’s home insurance for over 60s offers everything you’d expect from our award-winning, Defaqto five-star rated home insurance.

Our home insurance for over 60s is exactly the same as our other home insurance policies and covers your building and its contents and provides financial protection against unexpected events such as fire, theft and accidental damage.

If you’ve had changes to how you live recently such as retirement, the arrival of a grandchild, or have taken up a new hobby, our policies offer a range of features to protect your property and possessions. For instance:

  • If you’re enjoying more time caring for your garden, your prized plants will be protected by our garden cover included as standard, which pays for loss of or damage to hedges, lawns, trees, shrubs and plants up to £1,000.
  • If you’re planning to get the whole family together to celebrate a wedding, civil partnership, birthday or anniversary, we will automatically increase the contents sum insured shown on your policy by 20% for a month before and after your event.
  • And if you have a pushchair or other equipment in the house for when grandchildren come to visit, that’s covered by our personal belongings cover up to the amount shown in your policy (included with Saga Plus, optional extra for Saga Select).

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How to get a quote for over 60s home insurance

At Saga we have a quick and simple online quote process, and we can give you an over 60s home insurance quote in just a few minutes.

You’ll need to have the following information to hand before you start:

  • The full address, postcode and details of the property you want to insure, including when it was built and the number of bedrooms
  • Personal details about yourself and any joint policyholder
  • Any history of subsidence, ground heave, landslip or flooding
  • Details of any claims made in the last 5 years
  • How much cover you require for the building, contents and personal belongings
  • When you want the cover to start

You’ll be given an over 60s home insurance quote for our two levels of cover, Saga Plus and Saga Select, so you can make sure you get cover tailored to your needs.

Who are Saga's home insurance policies underwritten by?

Saga Home Insurance policies, exclusively for people over 50, are unique products designed specifically for our customers. They are underwritten by a number of carefully selected insurers that provide our high standards of quality and service.

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