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Unfortunately you can no longer renew your caravan insurance with Saga

All existing Saga Caravan Insurance policies will continue as normal until their renewal date. We'll write to you in plenty of time with more information.

Any questions about your cover?

If you have any questions or want to discuss your existing policy, our friendly staff are happy to help.

0800 904 7488

Mon – Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm

Visit MySaga

Making a caravan insurance claim

If you need to make a claim, for whatever reason, please call our 24-hour claim line as soon as you can, so we can start dealing with it straight away.

There are usually no forms to fill in, which avoids unnecessary delays and means we can help get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.

What should I do if I have an accident?

Make sure you’re in a safe place, then call our claim line. If another party is involved in the accident/incident, regardless of fault, there’s no need for you to deal with them (or their insurer) yourself. Give them our details and we’ll deal with everything for you.

What should I do if my caravan’s been stolen?

If your caravan, awning, equipment, contents or personal belongings are lost or stolen, please contact the police as soon as possible and make a note of the crime reference number they give you. You may need this when you call our claim line.

Caravan insurance policy books

View or download the policy books that relate to your Saga Caravan Insurance cover.

Change of address

Saga’s registered address has changed since some of these policy books were issued.

The old registered address was:
Saga Services Limited, Enbrook Park, Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent CT20 3SE.

As from 26 July 2023, the new registered address is:
Saga Services Limited, 3 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG.

Saga Caravan Insurance

Saga Caravan Insurance Policy Book (PDF, 310KB)
For policies with a cover start date on or after 26/07/2023
View Download
Saga Caravan Insurance Policy Book (PDF, 230KB)
For policies with a cover start date on or after 17/11/2021
View Download

Saga Breakdown Assistance

Saga Breakdown Assistance Policy Book (PDF, 401KB)

For policies taken out on or after 26/07/2023
View Download

Saga Breakdown Assistance Policy Book (PDF, 433KB)

For policies taken out on or after 28/11/2022
View Download

Saga Breakdown Assistance Policy Book (PDF, 393KB)

For policies taken out on or after 01/11/2021
View Download

What else can we help with?

Caravan insurance FAQs

Common questions our customers ask about their existing Saga Caravan Insurance policy.
Is my caravan covered whilst I'm towing it?

Yes, accidental loss or damage to your caravan is covered whilst travelling by road, rail or sea. European cover will need to be added to your policy if you want to be covered whilst towing your caravan abroad.

What happens if I have an accident whilst towing my caravan? Is that covered under my car or caravan insurance?

In the event of a claim you will need to contact your insurance provider. We cover accidental damage to your caravan and will advise you what to do, depending on your situation, when you contact the claims team. If there is damage to your car, you will need to report this to your car insurance provider.

Is my son/daughter covered if they are towing the caravan?

Yes, lending your caravan to friends and family is covered on both levels, market value and new for old. They will receive the same cover as you do, except for their personal belongings which they will need to cover themselves separately.

What happens if my caravan gets a puncture?

Damage to tyres from punctures, cuts or bursts are not covered. If, however, you have added Saga Breakdown Assistance to your policy, flat tyres are included and can be claimed for under all 5 levels of cover. If you have a separate Saga Breakdown Assistance policy or have it as part of a Saga Car Insurance policy, your caravan will have the same cover as the vehicle towing it as long as it meets the acceptance criteria outlined in the policy booklet.

Are my personal belongings covered?

Yes, we cover accidental loss or damage to your contents and personal belongings up to £1,500.

If I cause damage to another vehicle with my caravan, will this be covered by my caravan policy?

If your caravan causes damage to another vehicle whilst it is being towed, you will need to contact your car insurance provider about the claim as this is not covered by your caravan policy. You are, however, covered if your caravan causes damage to others/other people’s property while the caravan is not being towed.

Am I covered for damp in my caravan?

Unfortunately, damp within the caravan would be classed as wear and tear and therefore would not be covered.

Is storm damage covered?

Yes, storms, floods and natural causes are covered under the accidental damage section of the policy.

Are legal expenses covered on the policy?

Legal cover is not available as an optional extra. There is cover for legal liability, included as standard on your policy, which will cover damage caused by your caravan to a third party or to third party property whilst it is not being towed.

Is my caravan covered if I live in it permanently?

No – Saga will only cover caravans that are used solely for touring.