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Mirror wills

Looking to set up a shared will with your partner? Our mirror wills, provided by Co-op Legal Services, could be perfect for you.

Mirror wills are designed to protect the shared wishes of couples. Also known as joint wills, they allow two people to create identical legal documents. Both wills name the other party as the main beneficiary and name the same secondary beneficiaries, such as children.

These wills can be tailored to each couple's circumstances. So, whether you're protecting your property or ensuring a seamless transfer of assets to your loved ones, mirror wills are there to protect you. 

What is a mirror will?

Mirror wills are a specific type of will for couples, which pretty much mirror each other. You don't have to be a married couple to arrange a mirror will. Both partners draft their own will, but the content is almost identical.

Here’s how it works:

Mirror wills have many benefits. They're simple to create, cost-effective, and perfect for couples who share the same inheritance wishes.

Can you change a mirror will?

Either partner can change a mirror will at any time, as long as they have the legal and mental ability to do so. There’s no binding contract preventing changes, and you can even create an entirely new will without informing your partner.

There are pros and cons to mirror wills due to the flexibility they offer. A benefit is that after the first partner’s death, the surviving partner has the chance to make changes to the mirror will. However, this means the surviving partner could make changes that go against their partner’s original wishes.

Therefore, trust is an important part of creating a mirror will. 

How do mirror wills differ from mutual wills?

Both mirror wills and mutual wills allow two people to decide what happens to their assets after death. The main difference between the two is that mutual wills are legally binding contracts that can't be changed.

While amendments can be made to mirror wills (including after death), mutual wills remain intact throughout the lives of both parties. When one party passes away, their will becomes final, and the surviving party remains bound by the original agreement. There’s no changing your mind – if you try to alter the will and go against what was agreed, the law steps in and makes sure the original terms are honoured.

Saga mirror wills

If you need help setting up a mirror will, you could choose Saga Legal. We partner with Co-op Legal Services to bring you will-writing support and advice from experts. You can look forward to:

Get started online or chat with Co-op Legal Services via phone, video call or even a home visit. And if you’re a Saga customer in England and Wales, you can begin with a free legal review. During the session you can find out more about estate planning, Inheritance Tax and choosing the right type of will.

Co-op Legal Services is fully authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. So, you can rest easy knowing your will is in capable hands.

How much do mirror wills cost?

The price of creating a mirror will with Saga Legal (via Co-op Legal Services) starts at £245 for you and your partner, including VAT. It's a fixed-fee service and all costs are agreed with you upfront. So you won't find any hidden charges.

If you and your partner have similar wishes for your assets and estate, a mirror will could be more affordable than creating two separate wills.

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