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Happy, affectionate senior couple playing ukulele at back of car


Get to know the ins and outs of our car insurance and how you can make the most of your cover.

Are you ready for electric car cover?

An aerial view directly above an electric vehicle charging station with electric car charging in a parking space
Electric car insurance

Revving up for electric

As electric vehicles increase in popularity, Saga explores how familiar drivers are with EV road signs and symbols, examining those from Gen Z to over 50’s.

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Electric cars on charge while parked on the street
Electric car insurance

Electric cities

Electric vehicles have the potential to transform the places where we live and work. But which UK cities are best prepared for the EV revolution? We surveyed UK drivers to find out why they are (and aren’t) looking to push the accelerator on buying an electric car.

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What you need to know about owning and maintaining a car

A car being filled up with petrol

The cost of fuel and how to save petrol

Learn more about why fuel costs are rising, when they’ll go down, and how you can save on petrol in the meantime.

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A mature man talking to a woman while refuelling car while at petrol station

Petrol vs diesel

When you’re choosing a new car fuel type is important, but is it better to buy petrol or diesel?

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