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Mature woman is standing on the air-stair of her plane with her boarding pass and has turned round to give one last look to her home before she goes travelling.


An emergency abroad can be easier to deal with if you know what to do, who to contact and who can help.

What to do in an emergency when abroad

If you are covered by Saga Travel Insurance, our Travel Assistance service can help you in an emergency and provide 24-hour worldwide support. In addition you can also receive help from the British Consulate.

Need advice before you travel or while abroad?

Call our travel advice helpline. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can Saga help?

All Saga Travel Insurance policy holders are able to use our Travel Assistance service which provides advice and guidance on:

  • How to replace lost or stolen passports, driving licences, air tickets, or other travel documents
  • How to trace your luggage if it is lost or delayed
  • Why, how, where and when you should contact local embassies or consulates
  • How to transfer money from home if you need it.

In addition, Saga Travel Assistance provides:

  • Advice and guidance to you and your relatives, friends or employers if you are unfortunate enough to go into hospital
  • A ‘phone home’ service if there is an emergency
  • A translation and interpretation service if you need it.

If you need to claim on your Saga Travel Insurance, please visit our how to make a claim page.

How can the British Consulate help?

Consuls are there to protect the interests of their nationals whilst abroad and can:

  • Issue emergency passports
  • Contact relatives/friends to arrange help with money/tickets
  • Put you in touch with lawyers, interpreters and doctors
  • Help if you are in hospital or become a victim of crime
  • Make special arrangements in the event of a natural disaster, civil unrest or terrorism.

They cannot pay hotel, legal, medical or other bills or obtain accommodation for you.

You can find detailed information about Britain’s varied consular services, split by country, on the UK Government embassy page.