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Senior man with an injured shoulder in rehab clinic


Reduce the impact of unwelcome surprises when you’re on the road

Claim up to £150,000 per person with increased personal accident cover

If you or a family member are injured in a car accident, Increased Personal Accident cover could provide welcome financial support at a tough time.

What is personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover provides financial protection if you or your named spouse/domestic partner are seriously injured as a result of an accident involving your car. Our Comprehensive policies include £5,000 personal accident cover for selected serious injuries as standard.

What is Increased Personal Accident cover?

Increased Personal Accident extends cover for serious injuries or accidental death from £5,000 up to £150,000 per person. Family members in your vehicle don’t have to be named on your policy but are also covered. You and your named spouse/partner are even covered when driving borrowed vehicles.

How does Increased Personal Accident cover work?

You can add Increased Personal Accident cover to your Saga car insurance policy. If a valid claim is made, the compensation will be paid regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Although it’s unlikely you'll ever need to make a claim, if the worst does happen the benefit paid out could be substantial and help to compensate for things like loss of earnings, making adjustments to your home, time away to recuperate or even just to help paying for things like taxis to medical appointments.

What types of accidents are covered?

Your Increased Personal Accident cover can compensate you for injuries that have life-long consequences, as well as less serious injuries that you should ultimately recover from.

What's covered Benefit amount
Accidental death
Permanent total disablement
Loss of limb – one or more
Loss of sight
Total and irrecoverable loss of hearing
Total and irrecoverable loss of speech
Total and irrecoverable organic paralysis
Total and irrecoverable loss of intellectual capacity
Loss of, or permanent total and irrecoverable loss of us of one hand or one foot
Loss of, or permanent total and irrecoverable loss of use of:
A thumb
A finger
A big toe
Any other toe
Total and irrecoverable loss of use of the spleen
A fractured pelvis
A fractured collarbone
Facial scarring
Third-degree burns
Up to £2,000
Emergency dental treatment
Up to £1,000
Counselling therapy
Up to £1,000

In addition, Increased Personal Accident cover also includes cover for a wide range of smaller injuries, such as a broken wrist, ankle or nose.

Emergency dental treatment is also covered, as is counselling therapy, and you even get £300 if you spend a night in hospital, with £200 for each consecutive night, up to a total of 180 nights.

What isn’t covered by Increased Personal Accident insurance?

Your personal accident insurance won’t cover claims in certain scenarios, even with Saga’s Increased Personal Accident cover. These situations include:

  • War, riots and social unrest
  • Suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury

Your personal accident cover policy can’t be transferred between people, and you won’t be able to make a claim on more than one Saga Increased Personal Accident policy.

Do I need Increased Personal accident cover?

While car insurance is a legal requirement for drivers in the UK, Increased Personal Accident cover is an optional extra. So, is an extended personal accident cover policy worth it? Here are some things to consider.

Are you financially secure?

Accidents can happen, so getting personal accident cover could give you some peace of mind in knowing that you or your loved ones can be financially protected in the event of a road traffic accident. It might be unthinkable, but would you or your family be able to cope financially if you were seriously injured in a car accident and were unable to work?

Do you have a family?

Increased Personal Accident cover may be more appealing if you have dependants, as it can protect not just you, but any additional family members. While a standard personal accident policy will cover the policyholder and partner.

By getting Personal Accident cover you’ll have financial protection regardless of which family member sustains an injury (or dies), and regardless of who was at fault, giving you extra peace of mind.

Is standard personal accident cover enough?

Everyone has different needs, so it may be worth reflecting on whether the £5,000 included in our Comprehensive policies for death and loss of sight/limb gives you the protection you need. Or if you want to increase this to cover a wider range of injuries up to £150,000 then you can add Increased Personal Accident to your quote or your existing Saga Car Insurance policy.

How much does Increased Personal Accident cover cost?

You can add Increased Personal Accident cover to your Saga car insurance for £13 per year.

And if you ever need to make a car insurance claim, our friendly team will be on hand to ensure your claim is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Who underwrites Saga's increased personal accident cover?

Increased Personal Accident cover is underwritten by Acromas Insurance Company Limited.

Get Increased Personal Accident cover today

Add Increased Personal Accident cover to your existing Saga Car Insurance policy in MySaga. Or make sure to include it when you get a new quote online.