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Choose Saga boiler insurance and forget worrying about unexpected boiler repairs

Get boiler cover with Home and Heating Emergency from £69.99 a year*

*or £149.99 a year when added to Saga Landlord Insurance.

Help is at hand to keep you warm without worry, with boiler and central heating insurance protecting your finances against unexpected breakdowns.

At Saga, boiler and heating cover is included in our Home and Heating Emergency cover, which you can add to your Saga Home Insurance, Saga TailorMade Home Insurance or Saga Landlord Insurance policy.

What is boiler cover?

Boiler insurance covers the costs of repairs if your boiler breaks down completely.

Boiler breakdown cover can help with the costs of:

  • calling out an approved engineer to identify boiler issues
  • labour costs for necessary repairs
  • replacement parts and materials to complete an emergency repairs
  • VAT costs.

Cheap boiler cover isn’t necessarily the best cover for your needs; compare what’s included with different policies before making a choice.

How does boiler cover work?

Saga Home and Heating Emergency includes boiler insurance cover. That means your home is covered in emergencies, including:

  • sudden and complete breakdown of your boiler, heating or hot water system
  • leaks from hot water pipes or radiators that can’t be stopped by turning the radiator off
  • blocked drains and burst pipes
  • failure of internal electrics
  • pest infestations, including removing wasps or hornets’ nests, mice or rats.

Our emergency cover also includes a 24/7 emergency helpline and covers call out charges and emergency home repairs completed by approved tradespeople. It pays for up to three nights of accommodation in your local area if you can’t stay at home during the repairs.

When you call the emergency helpline, our provider contacts their network of repairers. They’ll let you know when to expect them.

We’ll pay up to £2,000 per incident to cover call outs, labour, parts, materials and VAT for home emergencies relating to complete boiler or heating system failures.

The number of call outs per policy year is unlimited.

We also offer boiler cover with an annual service option, so your boiler is less likely to break without warning.

When getting a quote for home insurance, choose Home and Heating Emergency to find out the cost of our boiler cover. Existing customers can add Home and Heating Emergency at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.

What do I do if my boiler breaks down?

If you have boiler insurance covered with Saga, you can give us a call as soon as your boiler breaks down. We’ll find a nearby engineer and arrange for them to come and fix the problem as quickly as possible, as long as your policy covers the issue.

If you don’t have boiler coverage, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. Renters should contact their landlord, who will be responsible for arranging the repair.

When you’ve arranged for an engineer to repair your boiler, decide whether your home is safe until they arrive. If it’s not, find somewhere else to stay elsewhere until it’s fixed. If the house is too cold and you have older relatives or young children at home, find somewhere else for them to stay until the boiler is fixed.

Who provides Saga's home emergency cover?

Saga Home Emergency Insurance is provided by Inter Partner Assistance S.A, part of the AXA group.

Is there anything boiler cover doesn’t include?

There are a few things Saga Home and Heating Emergency boiler cover doesn’t include. It’s important to understand what’s not covered when choosing boiler insurance so you can be sure you have the best policy for you.

Your boiler must be installed to British standards to qualify for Saga cover. Our boiler cover doesn’t include:

  • partial failures, including intermittent faults, the failure of one or more radiators or water/gas leaks from the system
  • warm air and solar heating systems
  • boilers with an output over 70 kW
  • adjustments to central heating controls, including the relighting of the pilot light
  • repairing/replacing flues which aren’t part of your boiler
  • repairing/replacing decorative radiators or coverings, showers, fittings and taps
  • descaling/desludging, including fixing damage caused by hard water scale, rust or sludge deposit, damage caused by corrosive water or water with high chemical content
  • water pressure adjustments on sealed installations
  • repairing/replacing parts of under-floor heating systems.

Read the policy book for full details of what’s covered by Saga Home and Heating Emergency.

You won’t be able to claim for an emergency that happened before you took out boiler cover insurance, and you can’t make a claim within 14 days of buying Saga Home and Heating Emergency.

Do I need boiler cover?

Boiler insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing you won’t be left without heating in the middle of winter. Whether boiler insurance cover is worth it for you depends on whether you can cope without a boiler and how you’d get breakdowns fixed without it.

Adding boiler and plumbing cover to your home insurance can be the simplest way to get an engineer to fix emergency issues.

You can also keep your boiler working at its best with boiler cover and service, an additional option with Saga Home Emergency policies. This annual service provides further reassurance.

When getting a quote for home insurance, choose Saga Home and Heating Emergency. If you're an existing customer, call 0800 056 9102 and add it to your policy.

What happens if my boiler can’t be fixed?

If your boiler can’t be fixed economically and you have Saga insurance, we’ll give you up to £250 towards the cost of a replacement.

Can I transfer my boiler insurance if I move house?

Your provider might not transfer your boiler insurance to your new home. Contact them to check and discuss a new policy.

Is boiler cover right for me?

Check your paperwork before buying boiler insurance. New boilers may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or a tradesperson’s guarantee. Your home insurance policy may also include boiler cover.

If you don’t think boiler cover is right for you, consider ‘self-insuring’.

Self-insuring involves putting money aside every month to pay for any potential repairs. This can provide financial security, helping you pay engineers or plumbers for repairs if needed.

Can I get boiler cover for older boilers?

It can be more difficult to get insurance for older boilers nearing the end of their life. Some policies only cover newer boilers.

With Saga Home and Heating cover, there’s no maximum boiler age, and our set price isn’t affected by your boiler’s age. If your 25-year-old boiler is still going strong, that’s great! We can cover it.

The average life of a boiler depends on the type, but it’s usually between 10 and 15 years. Older boilers work harder to heat your home, making them less energy-efficient and more expensive to run.

Older boilers are also more likely to be declared ‘beyond economical repair’ as parts may be expensive or impossible to source. If your boiler is over 10 years old, consider how much it costs to install a new boiler compared to the cost of repairing your old one.

What types of boiler cover are available?

Types of boiler insurance include home emergency insurance and boiler breakdown insurance:

  • Home emergency insurance covers a range of home emergencies – it helps make your home safe again or reinstate essential services.
  • Boiler breakdown policies protect boilers against the potential cost of breakdown.

What types of boiler can I get insurance for?

Most insurers offer coverage for the 3 main boiler types in the UK: conventional, condensing and combi boilers. Contact providers to check they cover your boiler before taking out a policy.

How to keep your boiler healthy

Keeping your boiler healthy is the best way to avoid breakdowns. Get your boiler serviced regularly to check it’s working safely and efficiently.

A well-maintained boiler costs less to run. Regular maintenance costs around £100 for a standard service, which is usually cheaper than repairs.

When arranging a boiler service, always use a Gas Safe registered engineer.