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Protect against the cost of disputes with legal expenses insurance.

Add legal expenses insurance to your home insurance policy

We all know how unpredictable life can be, which is why we offer legal expenses cover as an optional extra. Take a look below to find out what legal cover is, how legal expenses insurance works and what it could protect you against.

What is legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance, also known as LEI, is a type of cover you can add to your Saga Home Insurance policy that will protect you against any legal costs you may face if you are involved in a dispute.

You can add legal expenses insurance to your contents only, buildings only, or combined buildings and contents policy.

When could legal expenses insurance help you?

Our legal expenses cover on your home insurance may help with the cost of legal advice and representation in events like:

  • Personal injury – cover if you're injured by an event, or by medical negligence
  • Employment – if there's a dispute over the contract between you and your employer
  • Jury service – cover for lost earnings if you have to miss work to attend
  • Identify fraud – we'll help you remove a CCJ and liaise with credit reference agencies where necessary
  • Property protection – if you have an issue with a neighbour, e.g. a boundary dispute, and want to take action

As well as covering personal and property-related incidents, our legal expenses insurance also includes an online safety support service. This can help with the following situations:

  • Online scams – if you receive a suspicious email and want advice
  • Electronic devices – if your computer has a virus
  • Crisis response – assistance if you've been a victim of a cyber attack or ransomware, including if you've lost money as a result, and guidance on what to do next

What does legal expenses insurance cover?

Our legal expenses insurance covers:

  • Unlimited legal and tax advice with a freephone helpline

  • Up to £100,000 for a variety of legal proceedings

  • 24-hour fraud and scam helpline

  • Legal cover for you and any family members who live with you permanently

  • Legal cover relating to your home, contract disputes, employment, death, personal injury, and more

  • 24-hour Online Safety Support Service offering you expert advice and assistance to help you prevent viruses and restore your electronic devices following a potential cyber attack

What doesn’t it cover?

There are certain situations where our legal insurance won’t cover you, including:

  • If the amount in dispute is less than £100

  • If it’s unlikely your claim will be successful – known as the "prospect of success"

  • Any legal costs or expenses you’ve had before your claim is accepted

  • Issues that started before your policy

  • Legal costs for any incident that happens outside of the United Kingdom

  • Any criminal prosecution or proceeding in criminal court

  • Divorce or annulment legal costs

  • Disputes involving public or private planning permission

  • The usual cost of wills or probate (although probate disputes are covered)

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Probate support from Saga Legal

We've partnered with Co-op Legal Services to offer comprehensive support, guiding you through each step of the probate process and offering clear and practical advice.

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Do you need legal cover on your home insurance?

It’s entirely up to you to decide whether to add legal expenses cover to your home insurance policy. But it may be worth keeping in mind that solicitors’ fees can start at around £126 an hour and without legal expenses insurance, you’d have to pay for these yourself. So at the very least, it can provide peace of mind.

Who underwrites Saga's legal expenses cover?

Saga Legal Expenses Cover is underwritten by RAC Insurance Ltd. The Online Safety Support Service is managed and administered by RAC Insurance Limited.

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